Friday, April 22, 2011


Ayuwage is one of the fastest free Paid To Click(PTC) websites.It has a totally different system than a regular PTC. Ayuwage lets you download their toolbar which notifies you in your web explorer(Firefox or Safari) when paid ads to be clicked are available.If your online for a day you can easily make more than 20 cents and much more because you get a lot of ads .After you have completed the registration process,go to "Members Area" and login and then click on "Start Earning".There are various types of ads available to the user as shown below

Every ad page has its own instructions.Please read them carefully before clicking the ads.If you do not follow the instructions you will get a warning and more than 3 warnings will get your account suspended.
"View Sites" section have plenty of ads but they have a small click value like 0.001$ and so on.This is not recommended as you waste a lot of time making very less cash.Search sites,sign up sites and survey sites could give you high earnings but they are very rare and at times they don't work.
The best option is "Regular sites" which has two categories with their own ad instructions as shown below(Click to enlarge). Ads are very frequent with click rates of half cent and one and a half cent.

The advantage in Ayuwage unlike Logiptc is that once the ads are captured in your page it will be locked for you for 10 minutes.So you can click easily without worrying that the ad could get expired.To capture more ads always keep the "regular sites" page open in one of your browser tabs.Then as soon as you get a notification on your browser from the toolbar go to the page and type F5.
The notification will be as shown below

The minimum withdrawal is 5$.Be sure to have a verified ALERTPAY or PAYPAL account to make the withdrawal.

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